seeing the world through my camera

When I am not taking photos, I work as a translator with language pairs Danish-English, English-Danish and German-Danish. Photography is a hobby of mine along with so many other things.


Hans Christian Andersen said it: “To travel is to live”, and I couldn’t agree more. There are so many wonderful places yet to see out there.

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My garden …

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My Denmark

Denmark may not be as exciting as New Zealand or South Africa, but it has a lot to offer in its own more quiet way.

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I am a real foodie. I love to try out new foods when I travel, and I find it interesting and quite fun to find my food in the wild.

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The Photographer

I am a keen photographer, and when I am not travelling, I take photos of my garden, the forest, beach etc. and often of the food that I find there such as mushrooms, berries and seaweed.

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